The possibilities and benefits of investing in Iran

By Donald G. Jordan | Blog

May 09

If you are European, investing in Iran and Iranian economy might sound and look pointless but, you are greatly mistaken. Iran has a flourishing diversified economy, that is growing larger, as well as a stock market, and there are opportunities for new funds. With the launching of the Turquoise Variable Capital Investment Fund, the odds have changed a lot. The Iranian stocks are on the rise as well as are equities. Iran has turned out to be very profitable for long term investments. Its established stock exchange is now giving Iran an advantage over other markets. It is like
a really big invitation card for all investors that says come and invest here, the profit is guaranteed. The difference between Iran and other markets like Cuba or Myanmar is in Iran’s huge functioning stock market with the even larger economy. This only means a lot of opportunities for all investors.

The increasing wealth of Iran

Everything from banking to housing and telecommunications is more than profitable in Iran. If it is related to the domestic economy and the population’s wealth, it is worth of investing. This is the direct reason why there has been a large interest in Iranian economy in the last couple of years. If Iran manages to solve their international political standing, this market will be the future Mecca for investors. Iran is very large in territory and therefore, it offers a lot of tax incentives and great opportunities in many business areas as well, with the main goal being attracting the foreign investors. With the corporate tax income for foreigners being 0%, the calculations are more than clear.There is even the possibility of complete tax exemption for the first 5 years of investing, depending on what your investment refers to. And the period of 5 years can even extend to 7,10,13 or 20 years if all the activities are in the free trade zones. The possibilities, opportunities, and chances are simply incredible. There are a lot of advantages for foreign investors some of them being no visa needed, custom exemptions, exportation or easy transit of commodities. All of these advantages can directly help all foreign investors to significantly increase and maximize their profit and benefits. Iran’s constantly developing market and economy have been proved more than efficient and warmly recommended when it comes to any investment opportunities.

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